Songs of

Dovid Kerner


Yedid Nefesh



The piyut Yedid Nefesh was composed about 400 years ago by R’ Eliezer Azikri of Tzefat (translated from the Hebrew here).

Blind Boy Fuller (Fulton Allen 1907-1941) recorded his beautiful 'Weeping Willow' back  in 1937. 

I thought that the music of Weeping Willow would go well with the words of Yedid Nefesh.




Yedid Nefesh #2 - waiting to be recorded, iyH

lyrics adapted from the piyut by Rabbi Eliezer Azikri of Tzefat

music by Dovid Kerner

Beloved of my soul

Av Harachamim

Draw me closer to your will

Into the palace of the King

Then I will run to you

Like a hart across the field

To taste the sweetness of Your love

And all the secrets You reveal.



Beautiful in all Your ways

Ziv HaOlam

My soul pines for You

And I’ve have not yet begun

To tell the pain of separation

And the heartache that I feel

Now the time has come to reconcile

To strengthen and to heal.


Spread over me Your canopy of peace

Gladden us with an everlasting joy

And let the whole world be filled with the knowledge of HaShem

And let me be one of the servants You employ.



U’fros aleynu succat sh’lomecha

Nagila v’nismicha bach

V’ta’ir eretz mikvodecha

V’chanainu ki’may’olam.