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“I must commend everyone that worked on this album.   I bought a cd because I so enjoyed the music I heard at the performance.  I needed to express my sincere thanks for all this inspiring poetry that you've brought to my ears and heart.  May you and your families all be blessed with long, healthy and fulfilling lives.” 

-Malkie M.

Thank you Malkie!












" ... Kerner and Schreiber played their song “Justice Denied” about Jonathan Pollard. It is a song filled with conscious lyrics of his current political situation. Between the words that people said, “gave the shivers,” Zalman Schreiber’s bass solos walked the line between frantic and inspired. ... The band deserves as much attention as they are currently getting in Israel, where it is a hit song. The band’s following two songs, “House of the Lord,” and “Gesher Tzar Meod,” were sincerely played and authentically uplifting. They set a tone for the rest of the evening ....



"[Yedid Nefesh] is an incredible piece of cultural alchemy! Great stuff. And it's a real blessing to encounter this wonderful prayer, which I did not previously know. Thanks."

-another satisfied listener!












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Partners - Steve Kerner and Zalman Schreiber