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Dovid Kerner




Yom HaDin

lyrics and music by Dovid Kerner                                                        

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Anticipation fills the air tonight
From the valley below up to the mountain heights
And in the city, where the people congregate.

The awesomeness of reality
The privilege of responsibility
Stir the embers, firing up a heart grown cold.

On a wind swept hill a fateful rendezvous
A voice cries out a world is born anew
"Bind the cords tighter father, lest this all be in vain"*.

Now the ram's horn tune rises steadily

Singing to the people that it's time to get free

Singing "freedom", to everyone with ears to hear.

*In the earliest Midrashim, Isaac cries out, imploring Abraham to bind him well lest his instinctive resistance blemish the sacrifice.




Ain Kitzva

Modzitz melody

arrangement and guitar: Dovid Kerner




Birthday of the World    

lyrics and music by Dovid Kerner

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                                                                               M.K. 5770

* "It was a custom of the Gaon of Vilna to be very joyful at this time when the shofar was being sounded, for he maintained that just as we are so joyful when a new king is coronated, so too on the day of Rosh Hashanah, when we coronate Hashem as our King, we must rejoice in full measure." pg. 25 of Sho'or Yoshuv Institute's "The Commentator's Machzor Companion".

** a sweet new year

*** G-d willing


Happy birthday to the world!

Shimon HaTzaddik used to say: 
On three things the world stands. 
On Torah, 
On service [of God], 
And on acts of human kindness.