Songs of Dovid Kerner

Tree of Life


Hebrew lyrics: Mishlei (Proverbs) 3:18

English lyrics, music: Dovid

guitars, vocals and keyboard: Dovid

May you always fly free and true like Noah's dove*

And feel the earth 'neath your feet while you're reaching for the sky above

Drawing strength from the well deep inside you

Steering clear of the seeds of strife

Breaking free of any vines that might bind you

Holding fast to the Tree of Life.

Aitz chaim hee, l'machazikim ba, v'tomche'ha me'ushar

Hold on tight, hold on tight to the Tree of Life

All its paths are pleasantness and peace.


* "'The dove came back to him...' (Gen. 8:11)   By saying that the dove came back to him, the Torah implies that it meant to come back to Noah, in fulfillment of its mission to bring back a sign of God's response. The bird did not come back merely to return to its nest or because it was tired" - the Stone Chumash citing R' Naftali Zvi Yehudah Berlin - the Netziv.