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There was a Rasha!

lyrics by Dovid Kerner

Dovid: ukulele, groggers and percussion

produced by Steve Kerner

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There was a rasha* long ago and Haman was his name-o
Hey-Mem-Nun Sofit!
Hey-Mem-Nun Sofit!
He-Mem-Nun Sofit!
And Haman was his name-o!

Now Mordechai HaTzadik**, each day would pass right by him
And no, no he wouldn’t bow down
No, no he wouldn’t bow down
No, Mordechai would not bow down because he loved HaShem-o.

So Haman hatched his evil scheme, and things were looking bleak-o
Mor-de-chai Ha-Tzadik
To the palace he came to seek
The righteous Jewish, not-so-meek,, Esther HaMalkah***.

Together they did lead the Jews in fasting and tefilah****
We really love you Hashem
Our relationship we want to mend
To you we will return again, to You we will be faithful.

Now in the end Haman was left, hanging on a tree-o
And for the Jews, there was light
Joy and honor and delight
And so on Purim day and night we tell the story still-o.

Baruch Mordechai

Arrur - Arrur Haman

Brucha Esther

Esther B'adee!


There is a Rasha living now

Khomeini is his name-o

Ayatollah Khomeini

He too hates Jews

Oh yes-er-ee

But we'll laugh last

You wait and see

Let's serve Hashem with simcha!


Previous lyrics:

There is a rasha living now, Ahmadinejad’s his name-o
To say his name it might be hard
But right there on his business card
He tells us what he’d do-o.

He'd like to take the Jewish state and wipe it off the map-o
And if he could you know he would, because he’s such a wack-o
The Holocaust he does deny
He’s plotting the next genocide
Its time to stand and take a side
So which side are you on-o?

*rasha: evil person
** HaTzadik: the Righteous
*** HaMalkah: the Queen
****tefilah: prayer


The Shushan HaBeara Rag!

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music written and performed by Dovid Kerner

jokes: public domain!



Utzu Aitza    Listen (mp3)

melody - Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, z'l

English lyrics - Dovid Kerner

vocals and accordion - Dovid




Paroh: Pharoah

Chaylo: his army

rasha: evil person

Utzu Aitza: "Contrive a scheme, but it will be foiled; conspire a plot, but it will not materizlize, for G-d is with us."

     - Isaiah 8:10