Songs of Dovid Kerner


World Series of Hate


words and music by Dovid Kerner  

Come meet the man who leads Iran
Ahmadinejad’s his name
And just like Hitler hated Jews
He hates them just the same.

They welcomed him at Durban II
The first pitcher on the mound
Not there to sooth, his words just proved
He’s evil, pound for pound.

To say his name it might be hard
But right there on his business card
He tells us what he’d do.

He wants to take the Jewish State

And wipe it off the map [chas v'shalom]
And still you’ll hear some people say

"He’s just getting a bad rap".

The Holocaust he does deny
He’s plotting the next Genocide
It’s time to stand and take a side
So which side are you on?

He blew right in to Durban II
The first batter at the plate
And though the sun was up, inside the park

The air was dark with hate.

Yes inside the park, everything was dark - the World Series of Hate.