The Deal

lyrics, music, lead vocal and acoustic guitar: Dovid Kerner

bass guitar and backing vocal: Zalman Schreiber

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There is a man who’s after me - he wants to see me dead 

They call him Ayatollah, yes, and this is what he said
He said I am a cancer that he must eradicate
You know my name, I'm Israel, the world's one Jewish State.

He built the missiles aimed at me in Southern Lebanon
And Gaza, that's his handiwork, and the list goes on
He fuels the civil war that rages up in Syria
And terror strikes from Europe down to South America.

The people living in Iran, they tried to have their say
Elections rigged, their people marched, Neda was blown away*
But democracies just turned their backs, in Iran's great time of need
And the rulers of Iran, they had their green light to proceed

“We have a deal”, world leaders say, “it's time to celebrate”
But those that know their history think ‘nineteen thirty eight’
My people won't be sold this time, this time they have their state
In G-d they trust, and if they must, they will not hesitate.


*Neda Soltan, shot dead during the 2009 Iranian election protests.