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No Place Like S'dom

words : Dovid Kerner

When I was a young man I wandered from my home

I rambled round and settled down in a land that they call S’dom

The people there, I do declare, they made me awfully sad

And I do believe, if I didn’t leave, I’d surely have gone mad.

Once I asked a fellow there if he might have the time.

He said to me, “son don’t you see, you’ve just stepped passed the line?

Remember that your time is yours, and my time, well it’s mine

And if you keep this in your head, everything will just be fine.”


There was the day I went to say “good morning” to my neighbor

The judge he heard and sentenced me to ten years of hard labor

He said “in S’dom itís against the law for anyone to pry

And mornings, well they’re just no good”, and he began to cry.


I was feeling down, so I went and found a house of prayer to pray

When I walked in, my head did spin, all the people turned away.

I ran outside, I said goodbye, oh yes I’d had my fill

I started walking up the road, to that city on the hill.


Jerusalem, Jerusalem, please open wide your gates

Where I have been, words can’t begin, oh I can hardly wait.

Jerusalem, Jerusalem, a beacon in the night

I'm on my way, I won't delay, I’m following your light!