Songs of Dovid Kerner

Homeland Blues (Dear Mr. President)


words and music © by Dovid Kerner


Well it’s time for action

No more time for talk

It's time to pack my bags

It's time to leave New York

Dear Mr. President

I'm going to move to a settlement

I’m going to pack up my bags

Yes I’m moving to the Jewish State.


I'll take the train to the plane

Right out to JFK

And when I get to the gate

I’ll turn around and say

"Shalom everybody and l'hitraot

Now I've got to get home, to tend my sheep and my goats”

I’m going to move to a settlement

I’m leaving for the Promised Land.

I'll move to Sheelo, Yereecho

How happy I will bee-o

Elkana, Tekoa

Taking life a little slow-a

Yes, I'll be content

I'll be living on a settlement

Oh, middle east peace

Who is right and who is wrong?

I say, "Stop - why can't we all just get along?"

Let the Muslims build homes

Let the Christians build too

But it's the land of the Bible

It's the homeland of the Jews

Yes my bags are packed

Come along now ad follow me.

Q & A

They say that Arabs live in cities

In villages and towns

They say that Jews live in settlements

And it's time to tear them down

I say "Ma tovu

Ohalecha Yakov


Ohh Yisrael! (Numbers 24:5)








A good definition of a 'settlement'.


If President Obama would read this essay on

'the settlements' today,

he'd be giving speeches for the Likud party tomorrow.