songs from Dovid Kerner 


lyrics: Dovid Kerner                                         Youtube
music: based on Hatikvah

Dovid: acoustic guitar, vocals, harmonica

Steve Kerner: keyboards, electric guitar, percussion

From the other side of the great divide (1)
Our father set out on his quest
Spreading the light of the one true God (2)
As he headed toward the west.

He settled down in the Land of Hope
But it was decreed his children should not stay
There was a world out there dragged down in despair
With no one to lead the way.

From Har Sinai to Har Tzion
The road is filled with twists and turns
There’ve been places where we’ve blossomed
There’ve been places where we’ve burned
But throughout we sang the Song of Hope
‘Next year in Yerushalayim’
And still we sing the Song of Hope - Yerushalayim!

Now we’re coming back home to Tzion
Back home to realize our dream
And if there ever was a doubt what this dream’s all about
Everybody will know just what it means...

See the hills as they dance (3)
And the trees singing out (4)
And the laughter as it fills our mouths (5)
As we come joyfully streaming home
From the east, west north and south.

For so many years we’ve sown with tears
But soon the day will come
When the world will study war no more (6)
And a new song will be sung
And we’ll sing that holy melody from the hills of Yerushalayim
Yes we’ll sing that holy melody from Yerushalayim. 


1. "Rabbi Yehudah says: All the world was on one side, but he was on the 'other side."

                                     - Bereisheet Rabbah 42:8


2. “...the souls they made in Charan"? It refers to the proselytes whom they converted*.
But if they converted them, why does it say "made"? To teach you that one who befriends an idolater and converts him is considered as though he created him.
It should have written "he made." Why does it say "they made"? Rav Huna said: Avraham would convert

the men and Sara would convert the women."

                                      - Bereisheet Rabba 39,14


*"'Conversion" in this sentence is a deliberate anachronism, and presumably should not be taken to

mean conversion to halakhic Judaism, but rather to Avraham's way of life - belief in one God,

in Divine Justice and providence.

                                     - from “Reading Midrash Shiur #5 - Souls” by Rav Ezra Bick, Yeshivat Har Etzion,

                                       Israel Koschitzky Virtual Beit Midrash





3. Tehillim (Psalms) 114:4

4. Divrei Hayamim (Chronicles) 1 16:33

5. Tehillim (Psalms) 126:2

6. Isaiah 2:4