Songs of Dovid Kerner

Hinei Mah Tov

Hebrew: Psalm 133

English words: Dovid Kerner

Like the face of the Kohain at the end of the day*
Like Yitzchak and Rivka in the field when he prayed
Like Yosef and his brothers when he stood up to cry
"It's me, it’s Yosef, ha'od avi chai?"


Like a child saying Sh’ma on a cold winter night

With Gavri'el on his left and Micha'el on his right

Like his parents who love him with all of their might

Hinei mah tov u'mana'im.

Like the precious oil trickling down
Onto Aaron's beard from his priestly crown
Like the dew on Har Hermon that falls without a sound
Filled with the blessings of Har Tzion.


Hinei mah tov u’mana'im**
Hinei mah tov

Shevet achim gam yachad.



* The face of the Kohain Gadol — the High Priest — as he finished his service on Yom Kippur, is described as “ beaming with sun-like radiance ... like a rainbow in the skies, like a rose in a garden, like the grace that shines on the face of a bride groom ..."


** "Behold, how good and how pleasnt it is when brethren also dwell together." - Psalm 133

*** " Viewed in terms of actual physical dimensions, the summit of Mt. Hermon in Lebanon is the highest peak from which Mt. Zion appears to be the lowest spur of the mountain chain.  But, viewed spiritually, Zion is the loftiest mountain from which consecration and blessings flow down to a ll the rest of the land, unto the remotest borders of Lebanon ....

  - based on the commentary of Rav Shimshon Raphael Hirsch to Psalm  133.