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Good Shabbos to You

 based on the guitar arrangment of “She’s Got Something There” by Blind Boy Fuller (1939)

lyrics, guitar and spoons: Dovid Kerner


This song was inspired by Rabbi Yochanan ben Zakai, who, as described in the Talmud (Brachos 17), greeted everyone (Jews and non-Jews) before they greeted him.

Come meet Sam the black-hatter, Mr. Kohn the kippah-sruganik, Mrs. Green the chesed-doer, Mrs. Grove of pleasant speech, Dean the non-believer, Binyamin the chusid, Norm the holy reformer, and last but not least, Mr. Gray - well you'll learn about him soon enough!


     Have a listen.




Well, I go to shul every Shabbos day

And when I pass everybody here’s what I say

“Good Shabbos to you

“Good Shabbos to you”

And when I pass everybody I say “Good Shabbos to you” ...