Songs of Dovid Kerner

Cincinnati Flow Rag

by Rev. Gary Davis                                                          Listen

A long time ago I discovered the beautiful guitar playing of Rev. Gary Davis.  How many hours did I listen to his instrumental Cincinnati Flow Rag, trying to figure out the notes that he was actually playing?   I may have gotten half of them, at half the speed!

Well, the seasons went round and round and one day, after not playing my version of CFR for quite a long time, I remembered what a beautiful piece it was.  I began to play it - got a few bars into it, but my fingers just stopped.  I turned to my brain for help, but it was like the engine that wouldn't, or simply couldn't, help. 

I tried again and again, got a little further, to the part where the fingers are supposed to go up the fret board, but they simply couldn't do it.   So I turned back to my brain, and this time, said, 'brain, stand back!' and started my fingers again, and again - and finally, b'H, they got to the top and down the other side. 

The orignal, as played by the Reverend, is a real masterpiece. I enjoy playing my rendition of Cincinnati Flow Rag just the same. 


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